Friday 25 March 2011

This week I'm loving....

Seven Wonders Miracle Oil

Seven Wonders Miracle Oil review

I love a good multi-tasker, not least because my job means products are ever battling for space in my increasingly crowded bathroom. Multi-taskers are, of course, also convenient for travel as well as offering a money saving option.
I had high expectations for Seven Wonders Miracle Oil and I'm so pleased that it didn't disappoint.

Seven Wonders Miracle Oil hails from America and looks like something you'd stumble across in a fantastic apothecary. The oil is relatively thick and although the image above resembles olive oil, mine was golden in colour. It can be used as a hot oil treatment on hair, a bath oil, a body oil, a cuticle oil, a massage oil, a hair oil and a scalp oil.
I have to admit that I'm getting beyond bored of the generic fruity scented offerings which the beauty industry seems to be bombarding us with of late but although this falls into the fruity category, it smells absolutely incredible, natural & luxurious.
I tried Seven Wonders Miracle Oil as both a hair oil and a body oil. As a hair oil, I found it a little too heavy for my fine hair so in future, I'd probably be inclined to use as a hot oil treatment instead. As a body oil, it is thick and takes a while to absorb but is wonderfully nourishing and I'll definitely be continuing to use it in this way.
Seven Wonders Miracle Oil costs £14.50 for 237ml from which I feel is a very reasonable price.

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