Friday 4 March 2011

This week I'm loving....

M&S Lazy Spa Skin Deep Warming Body Clay.
Unsurprisingly, it's the name which first attracted my attention to Skin Deep Warming Body Clay but I'm delighted that it did as it ensured the discovery of M&S' brand new Spa range, Lazy Spa. Lazy Spa launches alongside Speedy Spa & Daly Spa (Tess Daly's signature range) and comprises value for money home spa goodies such as a detox bath foam, face mask and massage oil, all for under £10. Don't be dismissive of M&S beauty- I've been impressed with the products I've tried to date which I feel are true to the M&S brand with their accessible prices and good quality.
So, does Skin Deep Warming Body Clay live up to my expectations based on its name? I have to say that I really enjoyed my home pampering experience. Inevitably, it's messy to apply but I liked that it's in a tube as it means the mess is relatively well contained- no clay under fingernails with this one! It is a thick formula which I found a little difficult to squeeze out. Some clays can have a strong, herbal scent but this one is very pleasant, almost fruity. The clay gives a warming sensation upon impact with skin which I absolutely loved and feel that it really adds to the indulgence factor. The clay can be left on for up to 10 minutes but I confess I got a little bored and didn't leave it quite so long. I guess if I'd planned my pampering a little better I could have applied a face or hair mask in this time. I was pleased that it didn't leave any messy residue in my shower. Skin Deep Warming Body Clay is designed to provide a three pronged attack on skin- deep cleansing, detoxifying and conditioning. The easiest of these effects to note is moisturised skin.
Let's face it, a body clay isn't exactly an essential product but is nice to have as an occasional treat- chances are that a clay will go off and dry out before you get around to finishing it so for this reason alone I'd recommend Skin Deep Warming Body Clay at just £6 for 200ml.



  1. This looks fabulous! I keep meaning to check out M&S beauty and I never get round to it. This is the kick up the backside that I've needed thanks!

  2. Oooo this products looks good, I used a similar one a while ago but can't remember what brand and loved it x


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