Thursday 31 March 2011

Speed Review: Aussie Lusciously Light

I like the slogan behind Aussie- "there's more to life than hair but it's a good place to start" - a similar idea to that which I hope Skin Deep to be about.
If you're going to choose a High Street brand for your haircare, I rate Aussie and it certainly takes me back to my student days when it was a firm fixture in both mine & my housemate's regimes.

I was sent products from Aussie's new Lusciously Light range of conditioners & treatments to try. The idea behind the range is that it offers the same conditioning benefits as the original products but without weighing hair down. The packaging is functional & in line with the rest of the brand, in fact, I'd probably have preferred something to distinguish it more clearly although the floating kangaroo & balloon illustrations are cute.
So, first up, the Daily Conditioner. It definitely has a lighter texture to standard conditioners- I found it more akin to a body lotion. The scent is fresh & reminded me of life in university halls! As anticipated, it has good rinsability. Upon styling, my hair was easy to comb through and felt super clean, remaining fresh & not at all greasy over a weekend. I was impressed with the level of shine but I did find my flyaways were harder to control when I blow-dried my hair. I'd definitely recommend this as a good product for avoiding build-up on hair, particularly at such a reasonable price but would suggest incorpating a treatment product alongside.
Which brings me nicely onto... Lusciously Light 3 Minute Miracle. The original 3 Minute Miracle is a hero product for the brand, winning copious awards & works in line with the ethos of "it's great to have good hair but life's too short to spend hours achieving it". I was intrigued to see how the Lusciously Light version would compare. As with the original, a little goes a long way. The squeezy bottle is going to last for a long time and so represents fantastic value for money. I wasn't particularly keen on the scent, having become accustomed to salon brands, it smelt too sweet & synthetic for me and annoyingly, it lingers. Unlike many masks, I really liked that this was easy to rinse out. I did find that my hair was overly soft & difficult to manage after using. I think this product fulfills its purpose & I can only reiterate that I think it's a good budget option but I've been spoilt & now like my hair masks to be a little more of a treat.

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle review



  1. might have to give this a try, my hair certainly needs a little boost before the summer! x

  2. Thanks for your comment- I'd also recommend checking out Healthy Sexy hair. It's more expensive but the oil has really helped the condition of my hair without weighing down.


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